The Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov: “We are planning to build an airport in Kostomuksha”

Artur Parfenchikov stated that at a meeting with the city residents, which he held during a working trip to the northern region of the republic. The head of the region discussed the prospects for the development of Kostomuksha with the townspeople and answered their questions.

The head of Karelia told about the main tasks that the regional authorities will solve in the next four years in Kostomuksha. One of the largest is construction of an airport. The facility is included in the federal target program for the republic development till 2030.

- We are already preparing a land plot. We plan to launch air service in 2028-2029. Planes should fly here,” said Artur Parfenchikov.

As part of the Federal Target Program, a children's clinic will also be built in Kostomuksha. In total, more than 4 billion rubles are allocated for these facilities.

Among the top priorities set by the regional authorities, there is the construction of new housing in Kostomuksha under the program for resettling emergency funds from northern settlements. The areas of the city where it is planned to erect four multi-storey buildings have already been identified. There will be 600 to 700 apartments. As Arthur Parfenchikov said, a number of them are planned to be purchased for doctors. This will help solve the problem of attracting medical personnel to Kostomuksha.

The development of the city is already being helped by its status as an Arctic territory, which provides significant preferences.

- It is necessary to make the most of these opportunities, - said Artur Parfenchikov.

Thus, thanks to the federal Arctic subsidy, modernization of the ski and biathlon complex in Kostomuksha will continue in the next three years. This will make it a high-level sports facility and attract athletes from all over Russia, consequently bringing to development of the service and hospitality sector in the city. According to Artur Parfenchikov, new hotels are planned for “sports tourists” in Kostomuksha. They will also help maintain the flights profitability.

Another global task is gasification of the northern territory. Gas will come here thanks to the construction of a gas pipeline to the Murmansk region.

At the meeting, the Head of Karelia answered the residents’ questions regarding the federal legislation on garbage disposal, yards improvement, disabled children’s rehabilitation, provision of land plots to large families, and other topics.