The state program for integrated development of rural areas is being implemented in Karelia

The issue of development of rural areas is one of the priorities for the Government of the Republic. The mechanisms of the state support aimed at solving problems in rural areas are holistic.

Since 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Republic of Karelia has been implementing activities within the framework of the state program of the Russian Federation “Integrated Development of Rural Areas”. In the period from 2020 to 2023, the work was carried out in the region aimed at improving the living conditions of the citizens, public spaces, providing engineering infrastructure and developing sites for space-saving housing development.

Implementation of the measures to improve the living conditions of the rural areas citizens allowed 22 families to receive social payment and invest it in construction of their own houses. The recipients of the funds commissioned 1,600 square meters of housing in rural areas. The volume of the state support for implementation of this area amounted to about 36 million rubles.

From 2020 to 2023, in order to improve the living conditions of citizens and the comfort of their living in rural areas, banking organizations issued about 400 loans to the citizens within the framework of “rural mortgages” (at a rate of no more than 3% per annum) for a total amount of 790 million rubles.

64 improvement projects were implemented in 51 rural settlements. The volume of the state support amounted to about 43 million rubles. As part of this event, the projects were implemented aimed at:

- creation and arrangement of recreation areas, sports and children's playgrounds, areas for adaptive physical education and adaptive sports for people with disabilities;

- organization of the area lighting, including architectural lighting of buildings, constructions, structures, including the use of energy-saving technologies;

- equipment of pedestrian communications, including sidewalks, alleys, bicycle paths, paths;

- repair and restoration work of the road network and courtyard driveways;

- organization of storm drains;

- arrangement of public wells and standpipes;

- arrangement of storage areas for solid municipal waste.

As part of the measures to equip utility infrastructure facilities and improve sites located in rural areas for space-saving housing development, a project was implemented in the village of Tolvuya, the Medvezhyegorsk municipal district, in 2022. The sites have been prepared for space-saving residential development of 12 houses. The territory is equipped with engineering infrastructure (water supply, electricity supply) and access roads.

In 2023, a project was implemented to develop a site for space-saving housing development in the village of Verkhovye, the Olonets district. As part of this project, 29 land plots have been prepared, equipped with engineering infrastructure (electricity, water disposal with local treatment facilities, gas supply, communication networks), access roads, which this year will be provided to the citizens for individual residential buildings construction.

The state support funds in the amount of 180 million rubles have been allocated to implement development of the sites for integrated housing development in 2021–2023.

Implementation of the activities of the state program “Integrated Development of Rural Territories” in the territory of the Republic of Karelia makes it possible to create conditions for improving the quality and standard of living of the rural population. This work will continue in 2024.