Karelia entered the top seven regions in support to business during the pandemic

It was stated by the Commissioner for the Protection of the Entrepreneurs’ Rights in the Russian Federation Boris Titov.

According to IA REGNUM, on April 15, at the press conference of the Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights in the Russian Federation Boris Titov, the regions with the best and the worst business support in the context of the coronavirus spread were named.

- A number of regions have taken their own measures to support business during the crisis caused by the coronavirus spread and self-isolation introduction, - B. Titov said.

According to the study he presented, 18 regions reduced patents taxes, 49 subjects of the Russian Federation reduced the rates for the simplified taxation, it was recommended to lower the UTII rates from 15% to 7.5% in 14 constituent territories, and it was proposed to lower property taxes in 27 subjects. Besides, 57 regions have introduced their own soft-window facilities.

Titov named the Leningrad, Kemerovo, Murmansk, Sakhalin and Volgograd regions, Primorsky Territory, and the Republic of Karelia among the best regions for local business support during the crisis.

It should be recalled that a whole package of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses was developed in Karelia on behalf of the Head of the Republic Artur Parfenchikov. The head of the region called for mobilizing all the republic capacities in order to provide the entrepreneurship that suffered from restrictive measures with the necessary assistance.

In particular, the republican subsidies are provided for the Karelian entrepreneurs for reimbursement of some of the costs in various areas. They can be obtained without any bidding process. The amount of cost recovery has been doubled for the enterprises in the most vulnerable sectors of the economy, for example, for loan and lease payments interest expenses.

They reimburse expenses to entrepreneurs who provide social services, rent, repairs, advertising, training, equipment purchase, disinfectant.

Among the new measures, there is reimbursement for organizations that switch to distance trading of food and non-food products. They will receive funds for Internet resources creation and transport acquisition.

Entrepreneurs are provided with an extension of rent until July 1 for using state and municipal property. On behalf of the Head of Karelia, it will be extended until October 1.

Today, at the Karelian Parliament meeting, the deputies considered the issue of amendments to the regional budget. At the initiative of the Head of Karelia, about 3.5 billion rubles were additionally allocated for medicine and business support.

Let us add that the site https://help.kr-rk.ru/ started working yesterday. The new resource was created specifically for the Karelian entrepreneurs. It contains all the support measures that are provided for the business of the republic in context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Details: https://regnum.ru/news/economy/2917324.html .