Sortavala - Matkaselka - Sortavala retro steam train will run daily from June 1

From June 1, 2019, a retro steam train on the Sortavala - Matkaselka - Sortavala route will run daily.

The interior of the retrotrain is designed in the style of the “Nikolaev Express” and consists of three cars: one restaurant car and two compartment cars with seats. In total, 91 seats are available.

The train will leave from Sortavala station at 10:40 and arrive at Matkaselka station at 11:35, in reverse, the train will leave at 17:30 and arrive at Sortavala station at 18:20.

The retro-train schedule was developed taking into account a convenient transfer to the “Lastochka” train No. 821/822, which runs between St. Petersburg and Sortavala. It should be reminded that the “Lastochka” train No. 821 leaves daily from Finlyandskiy Station in St. Petersburg at 06:15, arriving in Sortavala at 10:20. From Sortavala, the “Lastochka” train No. 822 leaves at 18:42, arriving on the same day at Finlyandskiy Station in St. Petersburg at 22:43.

Also note that, from Matkaselka station, you can get to the Ruskeala mountain park, which is one of the main attractions of the Northern Ladoga.

The cost of the retrotrain ticket is 420 rubles. In addition, special tariff preferences for various categories of passengers will be granted. For example, when issuing a ticket at the “Detsky” tariff (for children under 10 years old), the price is reduced by 70%, for passengers under the age of 21 - by 30%, for passengers older than 60 – by 30%. When issuing tickets at a round-trip tariff, the cost of a return ticket is reduced by 20%.

You can purchase tickets for the retrotrain 90 days before departure at all long-distance box offices, on the official website of JSC “Russian Railways” and using the mobile application “Russian Railways for Passengers”. Ticket sales are already open.

Detailed information about the train schedule and costs can be obtained on the website of “Russian Railways” in the section "For Passengers".