Hospitality industry for car travelers is being developed in Karelia

84 million rubles from the federal budget allowed to improve recreation conditions at 20 Karelian sites. Support was provided within the framework of the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”.

The regulations on the competition allowed the Karelian entrepreneurs to choose a specific direction for the subsidy implementation. They are installation of additional camping tents or points of connection to communication lines, arrangement of a residential or recreational area. The objects that received the support are being developed both in the northern and the southern regions of the republic including the Ladoga region, which is incredibly popular today.

Thus, on the shore of Lake Syamozero there are recreation centers “Severnoye Siyaniye” and “Kangas”. The objects are conveniently located for auto travelers and boast a good natural location. And in the Lahdenpokh district, one of the most popular among tourists, the “Karlen” modular town was opened. Here, vacationers are offered accommodation in 4 comfortable modular houses in the immediate vicinity to Lake Ladoga. On Lake Ladoga, although in the Pitkyaranta region, travelers will be able to stay at a campsite on the territory of the “Belye Mosty” recreation center. You can comfortably get to Valaam from the campsite by motoboat.

By the summer season of this year, in the village of Zapadnoye Konchezero, the Kondopozhsky district, the “Ozera” campsite will open, which is situated at a distance of 50 km from such sights as the Kivach waterfall, the Marcial Waters resort and the Girvas volcano. In the Muezersky district, the tourist base “Bolshoye Priklyucheniye” received expansion thanks to a subsidy. The tourist base was established back in 2000 as part of the “Bolshoye Puteshestviye” project, aimed at organization of the “smart” active tours for children and families.

Location of the tourist sites in Karelia allows you to think over interesting and long road trips, and the tourist sector development only expands the opportunities for the guests and the residents of Karelia.