The first houseboats in Karelia were included in the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

For the first time in Karelia, the use of houseboats in water bodies was legalized.

The complex of guest houses afloat, houseboats, was created by the company “Lautta” in the waters of Lake Ladoga. Today they are the first in Karelia to register a house afloat and now the entrepreneur's houseboat is included in the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. This is the first experience in Karelia when a business can absolutely legally build and launch houses afloat and register them in the maritime register according to a new simplified scheme.

- For several years, this type of recreation in Karelia has been gaining popularity. Today, legalization of the tourism business in the form of providing houses on water makes it possible for our entrepreneurs to build houseboats, register them and develop such a popular holiday destination in Karelia absolutely officially, without fear of penalties and violations of the law, Dmitry Rodionov noted.

At present, the Government of the Republic of Karelia will be able to compensate entrepreneurs' expenses in the form of subsidies for floating hotels purchase or construction. Let us recall that earlier the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed to develop proposals on houseboats use on water bodies. The government of the republic repeatedly raised the issue of simplifying the procedure for legalizing houseboats as business objects.