“Amkodor-Onego” produced the first sample of a harvester manipulator, which is a complete analogue of the Finnish Kesla

The plant also produced the first half-frames for home-produced forwarders. Thus, our own developments will make it possible to leave behind imported details when assembling logging equipment.

Igor Drozdov, the General Director of “Amkodor-Onego”, demonstrated to the Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov the plant own developments aimed at import substitution in the field of logging equipment assembling and spoke about the enterprise plans.

With the withdrawl of Western companies, the plant successfully occupies the formed niche and expands its production. “Amkodor-Onego” specialists have developed and produced the first samples of the half-frames which home-produced forwarders will be assembled with. As part of import substitution, a prototype of a harvester manipulator was manufactured here, which is designed to replace the Finnish counterpart Kesla. The enterprise plans to create its own metalworking structure.

– When reaching our full capacity, we plan to produce at least 540 logging machines per year. The bulk will be made up of the forwarders and harvesters of three classes: medium, heavy and super-heavy, as such ones are in demand on the Russian market. Among our customers are the “Segezha Group” holding, the Russian construction company “Gazstroyprom” and other enterprises from the Urals, Siberia and the Central Federal District, - mentioned Igor Drozdov.

The Government of Karelia will continue to support “Amkodor-Onego”. It was stated by Artur Parfenchikov during the meeting with the plant management.

– Our main support measures are loans from federal and regional industrial development funds, as well as compensation for the equipment purchasing cost. Over the past 3.5 years, about 200 million rubles have been allocated to the enterprise from the republican budget. And we see that the plant is developing, localizing the production process, expanding the sales market. More and more units, parts for logging equipment, which we used to import, are now produced in Petrozavodsk, - said the Head of the region.

Recall that thanks to the support of the regional government and the decision of the State Commission on preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia in September 2018, it was decided to establish the plant “Amkodor-Onego” for logging equipment production. The Karelian plant is a subsidiary of the Belarusian holding “Amkodor”. The production complex is located in the territory of the Onega Tractor Plant, which was bought out by the Belarusian holding “Amkodor” in February 2019.