Flights between Karelia and Ingushetia start in June

The sale of air tickets to the capital of the picturesque Republic of Ingushetia, Magas, located in the northern region of the Caucasus, has begun.

The residents of Karelia can admire the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, waterfalls and nature reserves, as well as the man-made sights of Ingushetia, amazing cultural monuments: tower complexes, monasteries, temples, and memorials.

The first flight from the capital of Karelia takes passengers on June 8, the departure from Petrozavodsk is at 8:15. At 12:10 the plane lands at Magas airport.

The departure from the capital of Ingushetia is carried out at 13:00 with the arrival in Petrozavodsk at 16:55.

The flights will be carried out by “Severstal” Airlines by a comfortable Sukhoi Superjet-100 aircraft once a week on Thursdays from June to August.

The current timetable can be found on the websites of the “Severstal” carrier and the Petrozavodsk airport.